Warning for 6 months Job Seeker Visa Holders in UAE


UAE Residents availing of the six-month temporary job seeker visa under the amnesty 2018 scheme, but fail to switch to employment visa (work visa) or leave the country before the expiry of the visa will face prosecution, authorities have warned.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) has explained that residency law violators who have rectified their status and granted the six-month temporary visa must use that time to find jobs and transfer to residence visas under the sponsorship of their employment firms.

Failed to Find Jobs?

If you have failed to get job within the six-month period, you must leave the UAE and maybe return on a visit visa if wish to, so as to avoid facing problems.

No Renew:

Six months job seeker visa is not renewable, holder of such visa must exit the country upon expiry by getting out pass.

Warning for Violators:

Officials have warned that anyone who will be caught staying in the country after the expiration of their visa will face legal action including jail sentence, hefty fines and deportation.

Do not work on Job seeker Visa:

Authorities also reminded people that the six-month temporary residence visa granted to illegal residents wanting to find jobs under the amnesty scheme doesn't permit anybody to work and cannot be renewed on expiration.

Fine if caught working on Job Seeker Visa:

Those who overstay or get caught while working on 6 months Job seeker visa in UAE will be given hefty fines along with jail term and may face Life time ban (blacklist).

Overstay Fine on 6 Months Visa:

Companies who let job seeker visa holder’s work with them will be fined up to 50,000 AED for the first time, if they violate again the fine will be doubled to 100,000 AED.

So, all those who have 6 months job seeker visa, please leave UAE before expiry, you can re-enter UAE on visit or Tourist visa again, but if caught violating the law, you may face hefty fine with life time ban.