UAE Part-time Work Rules as per Labour Law

 UAE Part-time work permit Rules, UAE Part-time Job Rules

Do you want to work Part-time in UAE in-order to earn some extra money to lift the burden of your financial crisis?

We are covering the legal way to work part time in UAE, it's true that due to Low salary or some financial issues many of us want to work part time but couldn’t due to less information about how to get Part time work permit in UAE.

There is often a misconception that nobody can work part time in UAE and you might be flouting UAE law while doing so, let us clear that the (MOHRE) Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization allows you to go for a part-time job by obtaining a part time work permit.

What is part time work permit in UAE?
Part time or Temporary work permit is a permit under which UAE Expats can work anywhere in UAE after completing their duties with existing employers.

Who can apply for a part time work permit?

A temporary work permit or a part-time work permit shall be issued to the following categories:

1: Employees who registered at the Ministry or who hold valid Labour Card or Emirates ID.
2: People who meets the conditions to be granted work permits based on the residency of their families.
3: Students over 18 years of age.
4: Government employees.

Who cannot work Part-time in UAE?

A person on visit or tourist visa cannot work part-time in UAE legally as he or she would not have a legal sponsor (husband/father/employer) in the country. Also, any resident over the age of 65 years cannot get the part time permit.

What is the Validity of part time work permit?

The part-time or temporary work permit is valid for 6 months and 1 year and must be renewed after the completion.

Required Documents to apply for Part Time Permit?

1: Valid passport Copy
2: Valid Visa Copy
3: Passport size photograph with white background
4: NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your existing full-time employer.
5: Copy of your Emirates ID, Labour Card or Ministry Contract.
6: Labour Establishment card for both companies. (If applicable)
7: Passport copy of sponsor (only if you are sponsored by your Husband or Father).

Link: Work Part-time without NOC

How to apply for UAE part time permit?
Procedure of part time work permit is very simple, once you have arranged all the require documents, visit nearest TASHEEL center to submit them.

Who will apply and pay for the work permit?

The prospective employer will pay for the part time visa permit, company will collects all the NOC statements and applies for the work permit.

Does the permit apply to trading or business?

No, any trading and business activity must go through appropriate channels of licensing and government approvals.
The Part-time job permit only allow residents to work for companies registered under the Ministry of Labour on a part-time or weekend basis.

UAE Part-time work permit Fee?

Yes, the part-time company must submit above mention documents and pay the following fees:

1: Application fees of 100 AED.
2: Part time Card Fee that worth 500 AED (This card will be valid for 6 months or 1 Year).

Is NOC required from my Current Employer?

Yes, one of the most important documents for obtaining your part-time work permit is a No Objection Certificate from your current or existing employer.

As per Law “Approval from the entity where the applicant works in case of part-time or temporary work, if he works at another establishment”.

Cases where the approval is not required:
The Ministry may approve issuing the worker a temporary work permit without the need for the consent of the establishment where the employee works and without the necessary validity of his residency and labour card if the employee (worker) has an ongoing labour complaint referred by the Ministry to the court.

The Ministry, at its discretion, may issue the employee a part-time or temporary work permit for more than one establishment