UAE 6 Months Visa Requirements

 How to apply for UAE Six months visa

6 months UAE visa requirements announced by the UAE government for amnesty seekers to stay back and search for jobs which is really a golden opportunity for them to start new life in UAE.

Who can Apply for 6 Months UAE Visa:

Amnesty seekers who are willing to apply for amnesty 2018 and want to live or stay in United Arab Emirates to get new job can easily get UAE six months visa through official channels.

How to Apply for UAE 6 Months Visa:

To apply for UAE 6 months temporary job seeker visa, the applicant by himself need to visit nearest TASHEEL centre.

In simple words, all those who wish to secure a six months jobseeker’s visa need to visit TASHEEL centre.

What are the Required Documents for 6 Months Visa:

In-order to apply for UAE 6 months visa, you will need to provide:
1: Original Passport (if do not have, contact embassy)
2: Visa Copy or Visa Status Copy
3: Emirates ID Copy (for employment visa holders)
4: Passport Size Photograph

6 Months Visa Fees and Duration:

Applicant who wish to apply will need to pay 640 AED and will have to wait minimum 3 working days to get 6 Months e-visa.

Dubai 6 Months Visa:

New temporary residents visa for 6 months was not available in Dubai, but we have just confirmed that residents residing anywhere in Dubai can avail 6 months visa from Al TWAR, JAFFILIA and Al MANARA Immigration centres with terms & conditions upon discretion of Immigration Officer.

How to get UAE Six Months Visa in Fujairah:

Illegal residents looking for the 6 months temporary job-seeker visa can apply for the same at any typing centre in Fujairah, a top official has said.
They needn't even approach the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
Such applications will be approved by the GDRFA through the electronic system that links typing centres to the directorate.

Who will be the Sponsor of Six Months Visa:

As per the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), the 6 months visa will be issued to the amnesty seeker on his/her own sponsorship.
The visa holder will be eligible to find a new job in the government or private sectors during these 6 months. If they get a new job within six months period, they can move to the new residency visa easily.

Renewal of 6 Months Visa:

The UAE new 6 months temporary visa cannot be renewed upon expiration.
Yes, the six months temporary residence visa granted to illegal residents for finding jobs doesn't permit them to work without employment visa.
So, the UAE 6 months temporary visa cannot be renewed after expiration, the authorities clarified.

Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashid, director of Residence Affairs at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship said, "People seeking employment can avail of the privilege to obtain a six-month temporary visa through the "Protect Yourself by Modifying your Status" amnesty initiative if they have a sponsor. But if they don't find a job within that period, they will have to leave the country and maybe return on visit visa because the temporary visa cannot be renewed on expiration."

The official also explained that this temporary visa doesn't permit anyone to do any kind of work until the person finds a job and then transfers their visa status to employment, which should be sponsored by the company employing them.

Violation on 6 Months UAE Visa:

Illegal residents availing of the 6 months temporary visa under the amnesty scheme but fail to switch to employment visa within six months period or leave the country after the expiry of the visa will face prosecution, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship have warned.

FAIC has explained that residency law violators who have rectified their status and granted the 6 months temporary visa must use that time to find jobs and transfer to residence visas under the sponsorship of their employment firms. And if they fail to get jobs within 6 months period, they must leave UAE and maybe return on a visit visa if they wish to, to avoid facing problems.

Officials have warned that anyone who will be caught staying in the country after the expiration of their visa will face legal action including jail sentence, hefty fines and deportation.

UAE 6 Months Visa for Foreign Nationals:

The UAE will soon open the door to foreign nationals entering without a job, allowing them to stay for 6 months while they seek work.

How Foreign Nationals can apply for UAE 6 Months Visa:

To obtain UAE 6 months visa, the applicant would have to present health insurance that is valid during their stay, and prove they are financially capable of covering their stay and that they have a place (room, flat, hotel) to live.

The applicant would also pay a security deposit that they could receive back once they left the UAE or provide a sponsor who would be responsible if they overstayed