Transfer your UAE Visa Easily now


Big happiest news of Ramadan 2020 so far, a top UAE immigration official, Major General Mohammed Al Marri has said that job seekers who need to transfer their visas will be supported by the government (read till end).

Major General Mohammed Al Marri, Director General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs said during a press conference on Thursday that his department (Immigration) would help residents any way they can.

Mr AL MARRI also said that they will help and support people who wish to transfer their visas to other companies (as per our knowledge the transfer means that visa will not be cancelled but will get transferred to the new company).

“If they can find any other job, in any other field, in any other domain we will be supporting them to transfer their visas,” said Al Marri.

Help Inside and Outside UAE:
Believe or not it is a big help because they said the GDRFA will not only help people inside UAE but also those who are abroad.

Not only Dubai Residents but all:
Not only Dubai visa holders will get help but people who are holding visas of other Emirates than Dubai will also get support by GDRFA.

"He said the GDRFA would go the extra mile to help those looking for jobs in Dubai and transfer their residency visas whether it be from abroad, another emirate or transferring between companies in Dubai".

As announced earlier this month, he reiterated that any resident whose visa expires between March 1st and the end of 2020 are legally entitled to remain in the UAE.

Al Marri also commented on the security of the UAE’s borders, explaining that medical teams were working around the clock at land, sea and air ports conducting COVID-19 tests on all new arrivals.