In this article, you can learn about our Pi Network price prediction. PI Network (PI) is a newcomer to the digital currency space. Since its inception, PI is only a test version, which has not attracted much attention from the community because its underlying source code is still imperfect. It has not been launched on the main network, let alone the online exchange. However, Pi still has 15 million users. In our opinion, now and for a long time in the future, Pi will be in a juvenile whale state, and it will have a bright and difficult path of growth.

We have all witnessed the miracle of Bitcoin, so for Pi Coin, some people remain optimistic, while others also think it is a scam.

What is Pi Network? How does it work? Have you heard of Pi coin and would like to learn more about potential investments in Pi coin? This article describes Pi Network and Pi coin price prediction’s for the next five years.



Pi Network is a digital currency project, aims to build a blockchain Network, everyone can participate in established because the currency has deviated from its original intention and speculative tools into capital, currency, and Ethernet, as well as many mining due to the high threshold digital currency and excessive concentration so that most users can’t participate. The Pi Network, developed by a Stanford University graduate team, allows users to use their mobile applications to mine, making Pi extremely easy to use and widely accessible.

PI development process

The project adopts the digital π brand logo, and the first stage was on March 14, 2019; the percentage rate is started, and a free mining App – PI application is launched on the same day. In June of the same year, the network has more than 100,000 active users. When starting in the second phase of 2020, the number of PI users has exceeded 3.5 million. The application began to show an advertisement in May 2020 as the source of funding, and the advertisement is also suspended due to controversy. In February 2021, users have exceeded the 12 million mark. In March, the number of users reached 14 million.

Half of PI

PI coins are encrypted currencies running on the PI blockchain network; like other encrypted currencies (such as bitcoin), PI is designed to periodically “halving” to protect their scarce. An increase (TBD) means that the number of copies of the miners’ allergy per periodiographic mining will be reduced by half. The semi-cycle of PI coins is set to be ten times the amount of users.

As shown in the figure, the initial mining speed of the PI is 1.6π per hour. When the user reaches 100,000 users, the mining speed is reduced from 1.6π per hour to 0.8π per hour, and when it reaches 1 million users, it is halved. To 0.4π, it was reduced to 0.2 π per hour. Pi will continue to halve and zero when it is 1 billion users.

PI node

At the current phase of the project, users can test PI Node desktop software voluntarily on their computers. According to the project team, Pi will be on the main network in 2021. With the PI node’s massive layout, this day is getting closer.

Pi Safe ring

Unlike the nodes in the network of Bitcoin or Etheriquecions using the workload agreement, the PI node uses an algorithm based on the Star Condeability Protocol (SCP). The PI network establishes a safety ring or a security group (each user can add a known three to five trusted people constituent safety circles) to ensure that its network is safe and efficient. The security ring has established a global trust network that prevents fraudulent transactions. As the transaction approves only the trusted node, the transaction can be verified in the shared account.

PI currency is still in the stage (pre-release) phase.

If you want to buy PI coins right away, you can only regret to tell you that PI is unable to trade. It is still in the test network phase, and you must wait until the main network is on the line. You can transfer and transaction. The project party repeatedly declares that any private transaction is not recognized and encouraged.

PI’s main network will go online in 2021, and most users will complete KYC certification to ensure that every account is true. Before this, PI coins could not be transferred and transactions to prevent fake accounts from hoarding PI coins. On March 31, 2021, we will launch the papers to ensure the PI wallet’s safe deployment after the main network is online.

Therefore, PI coins cannot trade on any encrypted currency exchange or trading platform.


After the third phase is started, the PI application will be built into the PI wallet, and the user can log in to the PI application via the mobile phone number or FB account, create and use the PI formal wallet. Users can use PI coins to purchase products and services to support PI’s DAPP or offline commercial users or exchange them with statutory currency through a digital currency exchange.

As with other public zone chains, the PI blockchain will allow external wallets to hold PI coins and transactions with the blockchain network. However, unlike other blockchains, its developers have not released their source code.


In December 2020, PI developers launched a new PI Brainstorming app to encourage users to construct PI networks and improve the development and operation of PI networks.

Early PI users quickly accumulate PI coins, they have not returned, and as Pi is halved, we predict that the price of PI after the main network is online after the third phase of PI. Despite having half of the production of PI, new users can recommend new members to join the PI network to get more PI coins, thereby further pushing the demand of PI and further promoting Half of the PI.

The project’s developer claims that you can enhance the PI network’s security through your network, which encourages users to recommend friends and family, which caused some people’s doubts, which is considered a pyramid mission. However, it is worth noting that users can only earn PI coins from their first-level recommendation but cannot make money from their connected networks like the MLM scheme.


Some encryption monetary observes have begun to predict the value after the PI coin on the transaction.

The encryption exchange Changelly believes that according to the number of encrypted monetary users and PI exchanges if PI is launched at the end of 2021, the conservative prices may reach $ 1. In the long run, by 2025, the price may rise to $ 5.

Will PI currency breakthrough 1 US dollar in the future? Even like the official propaganda, once Pi is officially launched, sit on a mass user group and access platform, a PI currency checked for $ 100?

Before that day, any forecast is untrustworthy. Please follow us to become the first person who has found a more accurate Pi Network price prediction.


When will PI currency enter the market?

PI coins plan to launch transactions in the third phase of PI network development. The start date has not been determined, which will depend on the test phase’s progress and will be listed on the Encrypted Monetary Exchange.

What is the value of PI?

Pi is currently of no value and cannot be traded at the exchange. According to some predictions, its initial value may be between $ 0.01 to $ 1.

Is the price of the PI will rise in the future?

The price of PI coins will depend on their popularity in encrypted currency investors. If you get a wider range of encrypted monetary market, continue to rise, due to new projects easier to attract investors’ interest, the price has steadily risen after issuance.

Is PI coins a good investment?

At present, investors cannot trade PI coins. At present, it is a free mining stage. It is a very good time; pay attention to us. We will take you into the world of Pi.