Online Complaint for Domestic workers in UAE

 UAE Online Complaint for Domestic workers

Registering a complaint by Domestic workers in UAE is not an easy task for them due their tough duty schedule and lack of knowledge on how to register online complaint in UAE.

We received hundreds of queries and complaints by domestic workers specially by housemaids, nannies and other house workers through private message service of our page that we are not happy here, we cannot go out, we have restrictions, we have no rest time, no fix duty time, we work more than 12 hours a day, salary issues and many more messages which we cannot cover here,

So, we have decided to help them, many of them asked us how to complaint and we guide them to visit Ministry but they couldn’t because of their duties.

Link: How to File Mohre Complaint 

Online Complaint for Domestic Workers:

Now you can complaint online from your working area against any violation of law against you by your sponsor, TADBEER center launched the mobile app only for domestic workers through which you can complaint online along with other informative things.

How to Complaint Online:

The first thing to do is to download the TADBEER UAE application from your mobile stores.
Link to Download App is given Below.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, open it, you will see below screen, if you want to register yourself, do it, otherwise registration/login is not mandatory for complaint, just choose your language and click on skip login.

Step 1:
On main screen, look for box number 4 which is File a Complaint, click on it.

Online domestic workers complaint

Once you have clicked the complaint box, you will see below page to register your complaint.

Step 2:
Choose the nearest TADBEER centre office out of 23 listed centers; it is better to choose the one who applied your visa (your agency).

List of Tadbeer centers in uae

Step 3:
Write your passport Number, remember your passport should be valid, complaints on valid passport affect more, otherwise you can register on expire passport too but your complaint reply may take long.

DW complaint in uae

Step 4:
Write your Full Name.

Online TADBEER Center complaint

Step 5:
Write your Mobile Number without any dash/space; write the number through which you can respond to calls and messages from Ministry.

Step 6:
Write down your email address, they may send you complaint details on email, if (may) mobile number not working.

Step 7:
Choose your nationality from the drop down menu.

Step 8:
Fill your date of birth, remember date of birth is the important point, and try not to write it wrong, it helps Ministry to fetch employee details in system.

Step 9:
If you want to attach a proof related to your complaint, you have option to upload, it can be anything related to your complaint, you can upload your passport and visa copy too.

Step 10:
Last step is to write the details about your complaint, you need to write everything here, start from greetings and write the reason of your complaint, issues or problems you are facing in working area etc, once you done, check all steps again and simply click on submit button,

UAE Online Complaint

Complaint Confirmation:

That’s it, your complaint is registered now, Ministry will send you text message or email confirmation of your complaint, and they may call you and your sponsor (employer/boss, local family or your agency) to visit TADBEER center for face to face meeting