How to Cancel 6 Months Job Seeker UAE Visa to get Outpass

 How to get UAE Outpass for six months job seeker visa

The Cancellation process of UAE 6 Months Job Seeker VisaBan on Six Months Job Seeker Visa and all other things you need to know before and after cancellation of your temporary visa will be discuss in this guide.

As per our visitor queries they are confused about how to deal it legally as no body wants to get ban again or put themselves in trouble after getting 6 months chance to look for another job.

So, people who got 6 months visa in UAE under Amnesty 2018 Period and didn't get the job or want to leave the country before the expiration of their visas will found this guide very helpful, in this guide we will first share the questions people have asked us and then we will  answer them one by one.

Questions people asked about Cancellation of 6 Months Job Seeker Visa are:

1: Will i face Ban after exiting UAE by Cancelling 6 Months Visa?
2: What are the Ban Rules for 6 Months Job seeker visa holders?
3: How to Cancel the 6 months job seeker visa?
4: can i exit other country or i must exit to my home country?
5: What is the Fees of 6 Months Visa Cancellation?
6: What are the Outpass charges?
7: Validity of Outpass?
8: From where to Cancel the 6 months job seeker visa?
9: Required documents to cancel 6 months visa?
10: Can i re-enter UAE once i cancel and left UAE on 6 months job seeker visa?
11: Can i re-enter UAE on visit or Tourist visa after cancelling 6 months visa?
12: What if someone is Overstay on 6 Months Visa?
13: When to cancel the 6 months visa? before expiry or after expiry?
14: Can we renew 6 Months job seeker visa?

Above are the mostly asked questions by our global fans, we will answer all one by one, if you too have question in your mind, you can ask us by commenting in comment box, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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