Alert: Do Not Get Hired by Private Agencies in UAE

Good News for Domestic workers in UAE specially for Filipinos, Indonesian and African house hold workers as the UAE will shut all non-government maid-hiring agencies by March to better protect the rights of workers and employers, a Cabinet minister announced on Tuesday January 20, 2021.


Nasser Al Hamli, the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, said that UAE citizens and residents would have to hire domestic workers from Tadbeer, a network of service centres.

The minister asked why private hiring agencies that brought in domestic workers illegally on visit/tourist visas and sent them to local families to work as housemaids were allowed to operate.

 He said the "black market” did not protect the rights of the employers or the housemaids, All “black market” agencies must be shut down so that Tadbeer centres could reduce prices and ensure more better service.


“These businesses do not guarantee the worker will stay with the family, but when you pay just 10,000 AED for 2 years, this is what you can expect,” Mr Al Rahoomi more added.


No Guarantee:

Nasser Al Hamli said that many domestic workers quit before the end of their contract and the private agencies offered no guarantee that they would honour the contract.


“You can get such a guarantee with official recruitment agencies like Tadbeer,” only.


On time salaries:

Mr Al Rahoomi more added that private recruitment agencies are also failed to protect the rights of domestic workers, because they could not ensure that their salaries were paid on time.


Whereas TADBEER Centers sets the salary for maids, their work hours and ensures they are paid on time each month.

Those private companies bringing domestic staff have been operating in UAE for 30 years. 

We will start a new page based on regulations and standards that respect human rights,” told to members of the Federal National Council.