Monday, September 17, 2018

Host domain with BLOGGER

Everyone is wondering about how to host  domain name with Blogger.
Here is the step by step process for doing this... 

(Updated: 8/18/2018)

  • First get a domain name with the mercantile company by visiting the website. ( CLICK HERE )
  • Fill up the form with correct information.
  • In place of Nameserver, (You have to get nameserver with the free DNS Providers,, ) I Prefer
  • It takes 24 hours for registration if the information is correct.
  • during that time visit, register yourself and in the place of domain name enter the domain which you have registered with Mercantile.
  • Now open  create a blog with any name like ( later on you will be changing your domain name. after your blog is ready...
  • Click your blog (ie-Blog name), 
  1. then Setting 
  2. Click Basic
  3. Publishing
  4. Blog address
you will find this kind of dialogue box. ( In colored part there will appear your blog name)
  • Click on the setup a 3rd party URL for your blog  
this kind of box will appear.
  • On Blog Domain enter your registered domain. ( in Mercantile)
  • Note That Begin your Domain Name with www. to 
  • (Ex;-

  • this kind of box will appear in colored part you will get the particular code with the particular domain name. this ain't same for all so do not try to copy and paste.
  • it won't save now. so do not close the page and now open in a new tab.
  • click on the domain and then click manage....
  • now fill up the form with above credentials as provided by Google as in above figure....

  • click on the add.. ( here inside the red box there will be your domain name in place and this portion you don't even need to touch)
  • Now click add and fill at the upper right side of the box in the line of contact owner.
  • now fill up the form one at a time.. with the code provided you by google the black colored portion contains your code. and at the destination take a reference as above and fill..
  • and destination like and other ( above 4 ) are the same for all website don't forget to fill that also. it is recommended.
  • now save this all
  • now go to the blogger tab which you haven't saved before now click save.....
  • It takes 12-24 hours for all the registration after you finished this work..
  • Now enjoy your website
  • Happy Blogging..

IF you have any problem don't hesitate to ask me and if you have any new idea feel free to notify me too.