Monday, September 17, 2018

10 Reason you should get rid of your smartphone immediately

You can walk around the street enjoying and studying peoples and engage with the community and surrounding.

You can feel social understanding lifestyle and cultures around you.

Actually, you can enjoy the Mother Nature and can learn extraordinary life.

 Rather than clicking random photos, videos you gotta enjoy the real happening and have peace in mind.

You could save your time by frequently not wasting your time in unlocking phones and desperately waiting for someone’s text. Time is valuable, Invest it in productive works.

You could miss some most exciting things going around you because you are always busy taking a selfie or just randomly scrolling your phone.


To get rid of feeling lonely, desperate and fight depression and anxiety.

(The person who likely spend more time in smartphone become angry fast and feels like they are all Alone – Research)

Save your time and privacy by not letting you download every random app, which saves you from scammers and spammers.

Smartphone kills your expertise and reduces your productivity and smartness. It makes you lazy.

Moreover, YOU WILL SAVE A LOT OF MONEY because you don’t have to invest in recharging your phones, don’t have to think about data too.

“let's get out to travel with this saved money”

( Actually not 10. 15 reasons you should get rid of your smartphone)

Instead of the virtual world, you have to meet up with your friends in the real world and enjoy every second of your life and come on be social. We are a social animal.

You can visit extraordinary peoples and can develop trust and faith in meeting them personally.

(short story: Today for 30 minutes my Internet goes off, Thanks to ISP I get to know my one relative. Actually, he came to be my grandfather)

You don’t have to worry about charging your phone.

Breaking off your phone and forgetting it won’t be a problem ever again.


So, what have you planned? Let’s celebrate no smartphone day/week/month/year to give it a try and experience what wonderful difference it can bring in to our life.

Let's give it a try and having a unique experience.

Hope you enjoyed this reading. Feel free to drop your views and don’t forgot to share it with innovative minds.

Thank You.

Note: I don't Know when have I written this content. I just found it today and found relevant and just thought it would be better to share. So, Here it is now.