Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Pashupati Nath Temple is the famous and the holy temple for the world.

The Pashupati Nath is an extremely very famous temple in Nepal. One of the most famous and the popular Hindu temple in Nepal. This temple has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The temple is the most significant and an important temple devoted to The God Shiva. The exact date for the construction of the temple is unidentified, but the earliest proof of a temple 400A.D. One of The Hindus festivals of the year is Ma Shiva Night where more than 1,100,000 participants visit here. the temple is very famous for Hindus.
Nepal has a magnificent brave history. Nepalese people are popular as brave and they are also very religious. On a cold winter morning, an old town displays the strange joy of a small and beautiful, a old town in the morning sun and air feel us. It is a beautiful city with its famous temples, the echo of Lord Shiva, Vramha and  Vishnu.

Narrow and beautiful streets, winter day, wooden windows, exotic carvings and exquisite along the edges and time of the surface against the mountains, river and temple behind, cannot get more picturesque; it is a treat for the eye
But when one walks along constricted corridors of life along the Bagmati River with the confidence of God in mind, one also sees an endless place burned, bodies explode in fires, and souls depart and end all life. It is a walkway of peace crossing, journey, where prayer is believed amazed by a thick shadow drape that rises from the memorial pyres.
There is day after day. The Golden temple, well-defined above. The glorious courtyard meets us straightaway after the death threat appears around us. It is like our arrival at Nirvana, and access to the residence of Lord Shiva. With small cliffs and holy place of address, it is a temple of "delicate" wood with exquisite exterior blackout exterior sculptures. Small structure of gold-plated wood, lead in small place loomed four cardinal directions. a walkway of peace crossing, journey, where we pray the god. 

There is a center in the form of naag. Four Shiva, the master of all directions found a prison in the middle of this sanctuary room. Both the god of Mokshas (faces) represent, Nandi, God Kaamdev and The Bhairab attributed as guardians in the four directions. This is the time when all life stops, all desires for health and wealth disappear, and every pain and sorrow in the dissatisfaction of reason, life in us awakens and mind empties. 
The only truth of Lord Shiva is before us, the only issue is what is the value of this life. The limits of existence stimulate the mind, we are born, we will die, we do not owe anything for life, we belong to know where, we come and we must go, the only endless is the Shivas path, our only reality and hope in our modification to the next world. The strong light brings internal illumination to the inside of the dark misty internal. 
The temple is beautiful with smaller temples of Lord Shiva along with Waterside. Observing through all the threads of believed that pass through the mind is the reappearance of births that we take and continue to evade through our many lives. At every single stage, we meet face to face with the Lord and go from one life,cycle to another, in a meaningless way.
As one walks on the river, to take his blessings and cleanse the Spirit, little God everywhere us comes his way. Personal worship, small many shiva linga, is honored with the waters of the river and its blessings for a productive life in this small outdoor preserve. 
At the end of this small perceptive, a lighted lamp, flame lighting while burning forever. Fire, light for the rest of our lives. It is a quiet moment of reality where death or the issue of childbirth. Life will end.
With the heavy heart and the torn mind, the steps lead to the worlds of our family waiting for us. With the vision of the Lord, all his self- authority, deeply engraved in the world, we always pray, The god shiva and the pashupati nath temple. 

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