Monday, April 16, 2018

How to be successful in life

Everyone has different perspectives on success. It could be signing a business deal, or creating a better life balance, improving relationships or learn new skills.

Success cannot come in a moment, you should do little by little to make big changes in your life, including changing some things in your daily routine, scheduling yourself or getting in touch with your old colleagues.

Here is some small hints that you should do to create the power to change yourself to succeed in life.

1. Determine your passion.

Before you strive for success, you must define what success means for you. It may take years for you to know what you want to do in life, but defining your passions, interests, and values will help you set goals and give meaning to your life. Steve Jobs once said: “If you do not love something, you will not plan to go further, work on the weekend, challenge more.”
Ask yourself the following:
• What do you want your legacy to be?
• How do you want people to remember you?
• What do you enjoy in life?

2. Dare to dream, dare to do

When you start doing any work, think about the risks and embrace it. Remember that you can do whatever you want. Do not let people say that you are not smart enough … It’s too hard … it’s a bad idea … No one has ever done so. Your life is determined by you, so if you just stop at dreaming, success will never come. The principles, beliefs and persistence will help you dare to do what you want.

“If you do not build your dream, then others will hire you to build their dreams.” Do not let your dreams fade away over time. Take action as soon as you plan and remember to set your own rules in life, with perseverance and determination to finish the job, whether successful or failed, no regrets.

3. Set weekly and monthly goals

Setting a regular goal will help you avoid slackness in your career as well as your personal life. The best way to keep the goals in mind is to write them down on the board, on the phone, on the computer, in the calendars, on the sticky notes … wherever you can see them. That way you can remind yourself and motivate yourself to achieve your goals in the best way

However, do not do things way out of your reach.
Warren Buffett – The Omaha Prophet, the third richest man in the world, said: “I do not like to jump over 2 meters high hurdle. I just find the 30cm high ones to step through. ”

An unachievable plan will make you tired and depressed. So why not choose the right work with you to do? Having a happy family or a favorite job will make your life more meaningful. Everyone has their own dreams, but it must be crystal clear that one may not achieve that dream. Let’s start with what you can do and get higher and higher.

4. Do not satisfy

Success comes only to those who try and always have aspirations in life. If you just read a book and think that it’s enough then you never have more knowledge, skills for yourself. The same applied in life and work, life is always challenging and you have to find ways to overcome all these challenges. If you can easily satisfy yourself with what you have done, it means you have accepted to give up. Always have new intentions in life and try to achieve them, so you are truly successful.

5. To succeed you need to be friends with the successful

Birds of the same feather flock together. Positive people tend to make friends with positive people. Eagles will fly with eagles, chicks will go with the chicks. If you want to fly with the eagle, learn how to fly like an eagle.

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