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Nepali Typeshala is a well-known typing tutor for boosting up your Nepali and English Typing.

Nepali Typeshala comes with Devanagari and English script. By using this Nepali Typeshala you can easily make your Nepali typing fast as well as English too. Every user can make their typing fast with the help of typeshala. As it comes in both Nepali and English languages and fonts, you can easily make your Nepali typing fast as well as English typing fast.

Nepali Typeshala is most useful for the beginner, who wants to learn Nepali typing from starting. It includes many levels that enhance the typing speed in Nepali and English. It also include a simple Ramayana game which help to increase your typing skill.


Downloads : 693     Rating : ***

Note: Nepali Typeshala does not works on Windows 8 and above version of operating system. We will let you know if any new latest version are available for Windows 10 and 8.
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