Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Compress 1GB into 10MB

Have you ever used KGB Archiver, Well it’s a very useful tool for compressing large files. It can even compress a 1GB file into 10MB, which seems to be impossible, right? Actually no, you can totally do that with KGB Archiver. Read this guide and learn about how you can highly compress files using KGB Compressor and upload them on cloud storage to save your time and internet data (bandwidth).
Compress Zip
Transferring one or more than one huge file from one device to another can be tricky and time-consuming. Even if you use shareit for pc (It uses local Wi-Fi for transferring data between devices). The job will still take some good amount of time depending on file size.
While most of the time, transferring data takes pretty less time, but the scenario completely changes when we talk about big files (like Movies and Games). One Solution for this problem can be compressing data into file format like .zip and then uploading those compressed files online. This way whenever you will need them you can easily download and uncompress your data. 7-Zip is the most popular file compressing app, but there are many other file compressing softwares available. Today, for compressing 1GB file into 10MB we will use one such file compressing software called KGB Archiver.
Disclaimer: Compressing data has its advantages and disadvantages. While it’s pretty safe to compress files using KGB file archiver, I won’t recommend anyone to entirely rely on it and useit every time.

Highly Compress 1GB into 10MB Files using KGB Archiver

I think it’s a cool trick for anyone to know that how to compress a Large 1GB file into 10 MB file. It can amaze many people. Don’t you think so? Well if yes, then go ahead and read the guide below about how to massively compress files. The following part of blog post shows you the guide about compressing the data. 

Follow The Step By Step Guide
Step 1. First of all, you have to download and install KGB Archiver from the link mentioned below. After doing that jump to the next paragraph.
Step 2. Now you have to open KGB Archiver from your application menu (Windows Start Menu for Widows Users). In the KGB Window, you will see options to Choose the files you want to compress and level of compression you want to do. For this instance, you have to choose the Highest Compression level. Yeah, that will do the job. Now after you press the compress button your have to wait for quite some time.
Step 3. After some time, you will see your file will be compressed to minimum size. Remember that this program has different compression level high, maximum, normal, low, very weak, the time of compression will depend on the level you choose to do the compression.
That’s it, After the process finishes check the new file size, you will be amazed for sure.  Guys I’m thinking to make a video on this topic, what you people say. Let me know if you have found this post useful. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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