Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Start a qualified BLOG ??

Many magazine brands have blogs, but fail to realize the true potential of the medium. Often, these are good efforts, with good content, a fair level of traffic and perhaps a comment every now and again. 
Today, i want to look beyond just creating a blog, and share some strategies and tactics for creating a great  qualified blog.
For the tips below i realize that: 
You are not without a shortage of ideas, but may have hit a wall in terms of resources. You and your staff fell stretched to the max. 
With that in mind, here are some tips to creating the BEST QUALIFIED blog. 

Focus on just one or two blogs. 
Blogs are often something new not just for editors, but also for the readers of your brand. Launching 3-6 new blog in a short time frame may be a way to signal that you value the medium, but it is often met with less than stellar results. My advice if you are getting started with blogs, or haven't yet created a superstar. 

You can create a Qualified Blog by method of listed below. 

Creating a Qualified Best Blog :: 

  • Speak to Critical needs of your audience. 
  • Create a team, not just a blog.
  • Content of the highest quality is content that Helps. 
  • Create a shedule and content types. 
  • Create a marketing plan.
  • Set goals and measure your performance. 
  • Create About page  and describe your blog.
  • Create terms and conditions of blog.
  • Create Contact page of your blog.
  • Add subscribe widget on your blog.
  • Add facebook like box on your blog. 
  • Always write quality content with 500+ words. 
  • Do not pot flashing animation and big size image and video.(It takes too long time to load your blog page)
  • Do not add any adult content/ads on your blog.

Have a Strategy.

It realize it is silly to put this last instead of first, but it's Friday, everything can't make sense. Sometimes, you have to let things evolve before you know what you even have. And that's fine.

Continue to develop your blogs as you get feedback, nudge your tactics, measure performance, and interact with  your readers. Keep in mind that this is not just a Blog, this is a platform that can be leveraged in a number of ways.

Can this blog extend to a webcast, a panel discussion, a breakfast, a video series, an spin-off blog, a column in the magazine, a series of reports that can be aggregated later to a feature article?

The best bloggers are always evolving their blog and trying new things, constantly amazed in the ways it morphs and extends itself to new territory. 

Yes, you should have a strategy when you launch, but even if you don't take a breath after 3 months from the launch date, take the team out to lunch and take apart what the blog is and where it can go. 

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