Friday, September 9, 2016

How to Get More Visitors for Your Blog ??

These are the actions i recommend you take to start getting visitors to your blog. They are the tactics i have used successfully for my own projects. 
Nobody likes that feeling when you publish what you think is a great and very useful post but nobody shows up to visit it, let alone share it. Unfortunately this is a feeling many bloggers are familiar with, especially those that are just starting out. 

Attracting visitors to the articles is what every blogger wants. A blogger friend of mine told me that his wish is to have 500 unique readers per day within the first six months of launching his new site. This is a very ambitious goal that is not easy to reach as most websites will never attract this large audience. 

In a world of millions of websites, starting a new blog is not news but growing it to attract hundreds or thousands of visitors is. Enticing people to visit is the hardest part of blogging, but even though it is a difficult to achieve, it is definitely possible to do.

Lets Know how to get more visitors for blogspot 500+ per day.

  1. You have to get a professional domain name (like to 
  2. Write quality content.
  3. Add post share buttons to social sites.(Like facebook, G+, Twitter etc)
  4. Write clickable and shareable post headlines.
  5. Have optimized design with social sharing buttons.
  6. Retain your first time visitors and grow your own community.
  7. Actively share your blog posts.
  8. Comment on popular and relevant articles. 
  9. Make connections with other big bloggers.


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